Excuse me do you know where……

If I had a pound for every time I said that today I could have easily paid off my accommodation. Today I ventured out into the unknown trying to get some sense of where the hell everything is. I decided to walk into the city center, as I have had enough of sitting down, it didn’t take me too long but it is so much harder when you don’t have google maps directing you, plus the signs here are not helpful at all and I don’t think they have ever heard of street signs here either. A few wrong turns later and lots of helpful people I finally found my self in the city center! There is a large shopping center called the Bridges which is their equivalent to our watergardens. In stores everything seems priced really cheap but then I remind myself it’s in pounds and then have to double the price for AUS dollars, this was not fun. I went to straight to their one pound stores (our two dollar shops) to buy a few basic essentials which I needed then proceeded to look around the city. It was beautiful, the streets are cute, packed with stores and almost a pub on every corner. I didn’t get to explore too much because this place is still foreign to me and I didn’t want to get too lost. I kept to a small perimeter to learn.

Luckily for me I am a person who doesn’t mind their own company so asking for a table for one at lunchtime didn’t bother me.  Although when you don’t have your phone to distract you it can get a bit lonely. I learnt from this experience that next time I need to bring a book or something.

I then hit the jackpot and found the street with all the op shops! I had a quick look in each for future reference if I run out of clothes.

The funny thing about Sunderland is that it starts getting dark really early so when I saw that the sun was going down I made my way back to my flat.

It is now 4:30pm here and I’m in my room with not much to do contemplating what time is acceptable to go to bed.


2016-01-19 10.55.52
even their rubbish bins are cute
2016-01-19 10.58.57
house all look the same, there was about 10 other streets that looked just like this
2016-01-19 11.00.34
Aldi right down the road from me woo!

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