My Room

Still a room not my home.

Although I have unpacked and tried to settle in, this place still feels foreign. My brain is still in shock that this will be my home for the next five months. Any way here are a few photos of the place.

Enjoy 🙂

2016-01-19 15.20.22
my kitchen
2016-01-19 15.21.49
the tiny stairs to my room
2016-01-19 15.22.55
my crappy shower, which will cause a breakdown
2016-01-19 15.23.10
these stupid strings which turn on the lights and hot water, it took me a good 15min to locate these
2016-01-19 15.23.52
my bed/couch and desk
2016-01-19 15.24.12
the view from my room
2016-01-19 15.24.03
my basin and closet

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