Dear Diary,

I miss Jerry (my car) not having on demand transportation is a real struggle but luckily I like walking and things are close. Do you know what else is really bugging me, why the hell has Sunderland not caught on with superfoods, hows a girl suppose to get her manganese, phosphorus, and  a great source of healthy omega-3 fats if she can’t find her chia seeds! Also no one around here wears gym clothes out and about and I feel like once I do I will defiantly start a trend. I mean who doesn’t like being comfy, sporty and ready to break out in a sweat any minute. It makes running for the bus easier along with providing proper support for your feet and can we all just appreciate how good sport leggings are. I really do feel like we take wearing sporting clothes 24/7 for granted. So if you are reading this please go out in you sports clothes for me, feel that freedom that I so long to feel once again.

Ta ta for now



One thought on “20/01/16

  1. Donna Lourensz says:

    As you know I do love a leggin but as for sporting cloths sometimes we need to hide our inner bogan and embrace the fashion! (Fashion that doesn’t need ironing)


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