I’ve Totally Got This

I can now proudly say that I am able to walk to the city center without the need for directions or a map. Not only can I get there I am constantly finding short cuts and expanding my knowledge of the area. I’ve totally got this.

Although I can’t say the same for my body clock, waking up at 4:30am is not ideal. It comes to the point where you just lay there in the darkness, eyes closed, pretending to be asleep in hope that your body will catch on.

Today being my last day before orientation I took my time getting ready before heading out to once again source more supplies and food to keep me going for the next couple of days. I also decided to start seeing a bit of the city and went to the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens (opened by her majesty the Queen, how freaking cool.) It was mostly about how Sunderland came about and the towns history. To sum it up in a few words, Sunderland is real proud of their glass, miners, docks and ships, but my personal favourites were a quilted wedding dress (very appropriate for their weather conditions), a stuffed lion that is famous in the town because upon it’s visit here it mauled it’s trainer and lastly but not least I saw the worlds biggest moose head (well to me anyways).

It also housed beautiful art gallery’s, one was dedicated to Sunderland then and now, showing paintings next to a modern day picture of the same place in Sunderland. The other displayed beautiful oil paintings, some so big you felt as if you were in the scene with them. You could see cracks in the paint showing their age like wrinkles on a human, they were beautiful and so mesmerising. You could easily mistake them for photographs.

There is so much of the city I still haven’t seen yet but today was just too cold and icy, I would also like to take the time now to thank you mum for buying me my beautifully warm jacket, I would be an icy pole now without it. 2016-01-20 12.52.33

2016-01-20 12.52.42
The bridges shopping centre
2016-01-20 12.54.45
The actual bridges (better photo to come I was too cold)

2016-01-20 12.59.05

2016-01-20 13.00.51
Air conditioning?? Seriously? SERIOUSLY!?
2016-01-20 13.04.25




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