Let’s go to the beach

The weekend arrived, although my whole week has kind of felt like one long weekend. After hearing about all the things to do and see in Sunderland it had inspired us to start exploring. Saturday morning we ventured out to the see. With a top on 9 degrees it was perfect beach weather.

the buses around here are really easy to use and take you all around but when you are in a new place I find walking the best way to get around. You are able to absorb whats around you and piece together streets and locations far easier. Walking gives you a journey to your destination not juts minutes passing by.

To get to the beach we walked from St Peters campus, passing sculptures and the national glass centre . We were then able to walk along the docks and view some swans swimming in between the boats. What I love about this town is that there is no sense of urgency or no rushing in the air. Their is a feeling of relaxation, with the quiet sea air just wrapping around you clearing your head and worries.

Although the beach was not one you would swim in lots of dogs seemed to enjoy it with one man taking his 10 very excited pugs on a field trip. We walked along Roker pier which is home to a beautiful, old lighthouse at the end. The walk their was cold but mesmerising, filled with fishermen all trying their luck off the side of the pier. Although we were walking along the sea it didn’t smell like the sea normally would, it was refreshing and smelt clean. Looking back from the end of the pier you were able to see all the houses and beautiful green land.

After all that walking we were pretty hunger so of course we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have fish and chips over looking the water in England. Yes it was as good as they say it is. The portions were massive, I’m pretty sure I got served a whole fish and of course a side of mushy peas which actually tasted very nice. The fish was amazing and wasn’t dominated by batter.

Now after that a walk is good to help digestion so we walked back to campus and took the bus back to clanny house.

As for the night we tested out the night life of Sunderland, and found that there isn’t one. Although the pubs were full they emptied out around 11:30pm and we discovered then that’s the time everyone makes their way to Newcastle. We decided to call it a night and leave Newcastle for another time.



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