First lecture down for the semester, only god knows how many to go. Normally having a two hour break in between classes is great, you get to catch up with friends grab a coffee, lunch, etc, but when it’s just you there is only so much of your own company you can take. With out the safety net of my new exchange friends, it’s the first day of school all over again. Making friends during lectures is literally impossible because you are not allowed to speak and you literally just get lectured and then once it’s over everyone races to get out.

Finding my first lecture wasn’t too hard, the buildings here aren’t as big as La Trobe so there a far few hallways and corners to get lost in. I just have one more lecture today then it’s home time. Although that means I have to put on my adult cap and go shopping for dinner for the week and try and figure out what a reasonable price for meat is and vegetables. I miss having a fully stocked pantry thanks to my mother.

The hours are dragging and I am yet to wake up despite the fact I slept for 10 hours last night. The day before consisted of nothing but going for a walk and reorganising my room. Sundays in Sunderland are quiet, you either go to church of soccer practice (sorry football).

This place although still foreign is starting to feel more like home.



One thought on “25/01/16

  1. Nick & Mez says:

    Hi Tanya,
    Looks like your having an awesome time settling in! I visited Nonno and Nonna today and showed them your blog/photos, they were over the moon. So now you have to keep posting everyday for them haha 😊. I’ve got one piece of advice…Costas Coffee! That place was my saviour in London.

    Good luck and keep the updates coming for us poor people.
    Nick and Mez xo


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