After getting through our first week of uni we decided we needed a break and would reward ourselves with a night in Newcastle. Booking a hotel for the night we packed our bags and caught a train in. We are getting so good at this public transport thing, next week I reckon we could be mistaken for locals. Check in was at 4:00pm and we thought it would be best to get there when it was still light. Arriving at Newcastle you can immediately feel a shift in the energy. The streets are more lively and shops stay open late, I knew then and there I was going to love this place.

The streets are lined with beautiful old buildings and they were huge, they made me feel so small. We made our way to our hotel which was right in the heart of the city and close to the stations because we didn’t want to have to travel to far. After getting some very helpful advice about the town from the front desk we went straight to our room to start getting ready. Although we did get a bit distracted at how amazing the room was. We had a beautiful view and the beds were comfy, plus we had a T.V! For a second or so we did think about staying in, but we were too excited to go out and explore this new city.

After a ridiculous amount of time had gone by we were finally ready to go out. We stepped out and it was cold and windy, it makes me laugh because no matter how cold it is the girls here will still go out wearing barely anything. We found numerous of good bars and clubs to go to so we were not complaining. It was so good to be out at night and the streets be filled with people.

Long story short it was a great night filled with lots of laughter.

The next morning we did not waste anytime, with a free breakfast and a city waiting for us we were up and about in no time.

Just walking the streets was so fascinating to see, so many beautiful places we didn’t know where to go and quite litereally had no idea where to go. We eventually ended up at the Newcastle castle which was right in the middle of the town, it was something I’ve never seen before. I felt like a little kid, I was so keen to go inside. It was just how I imagined it would be too, so many hallways to explore and stairs to climb I was certain we would get lost, but they all seemed to join up some how which was fun. The best part was the view from the top.

The wind was picking up and I mean push you over, knot up your hair and stick it in your lip gloss windy. But we would not be defeated when we were in such a beautiful place. We took a walk along the numerous amount of bridges over the river Tyne and went down cute little streets and walk ways until we made our way to a place to eat lunch.

I didn’t want to leave but knowing I would be back made it a little easier, plus we didn’t even touch upon the shops.



2 thoughts on “Newcastle

  1. Donna Lourensz says:

    Excellent analogy describing the wind, totally understand hair in the lipgloss! It must have been a fabulous place if you didn’t have time to go into a shop. Xxx


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