All these little things

The washing machine ate my money, my phone literally died (I’m thinking it didn’t like the cold weather too much), I have a terrible cold and I think the seagulls are getting bigger.

So this week hasn’t been the best to say the least but I’m still in England so a bad week here is better than any bad week at home.

My phone one morning decided to not turn on and after a 24hr visit to the repairers there was nothing they could do, even samsung which i traveled to on two trains to get to said they couldn’t even look at it because I had bought it in Australia. Shout out to Samsung for being super awesome in my time of need! I just can’t believe it is really gone, after I saved so hard for it and carefully picked out the colour I wanted, I loved it, cared for it, never dropped it or got it near water, always made sure it was charged and clean, gave it a nice cover, never scratched or cracked the screen and this is how it repays me! I took it every where with me, it was there for all my milestones, my 18th, my licence, the 1975, one direction, Taylor swift, soundwave, Ed Sheeran, I took it half way across the world with me. I just can’t believe it’s gone.

While I am still trying to get this frustrating situation sorted out the cold weather has gifted me a lovely welcoming gift of a cold. So after buying cold and flu tablets, panadol, oranges, tea, soothers and multivitamins I will now be living of two minute noodles for the week.

I did though hit the jackpot and found a health food store thanks to Shelley but ran out as quickly as I ran in. Everything was so expensive and I just do not fancy eating once a month.

Apart from going to uni, constantly trying to contact my insurance and samsung and fighting this cold it has been a pretty uneventful week. Uni is pretty much the same here except the classes are so small and you have to swipe in to every class which I keep forgetting to do (whoops).

I did my first load of laundry the other day and a quick tip for those who have never been to a coin operated laundry, always have the exact change because it does not give you change back. I also then refused to use the dryer so I hung all my clothes every where I could in my room and blasted the heater. My clothes dried in no time!

Also today I came home to someone cleaning our flat which I had no objections too! They came in vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, bathrooms, lounge, stairwells and even emptied the rubbish bins. This is something I could definitely get used too.

(Sadly I do not have any photos this week because of my deceased phone)



5 thoughts on “All these little things

  1. Donna Lourensz says:

    It sounds like you are being welcomed to adult life and there is whole lot of that to look forward too. But as you said you are being welcomed in England and thats much better than home. Hope your cold gets better thats not fun. I love reading your blogs and just to cheer you up I get a giggle when I read about your challenges. You should be very proud of yourself taking on the big bad fabulous world! When you get home to OZ they might be able to do something with your phone. Technology can be so heartless. But you are so loved. x


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