Durham to Hylton

After the very interesting week I had we had little time to plan a weekend trip so we decided to stay local and explore what was around us. One of those was the bus system, over here the bus is your best friend, although it turns out buses don’t wait for anyone.

It was a lovely Saturday morning, the clouds were thick and covering every inch of the sky and there was just a hint of casual and constant drizzle of rain. Perfect for a day out!

Durham is only a short 55min bus ride from Sunderland, what made the ride was seeing all the beautiful country side of England, the small towns along the way and houses that lined the streets.

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I wasn’t expecting much from Durham, I was only interested in seeing the Durham castle and Durham cathedral  where parts of Harry Potter was filmed. When we arrived we warmed up with a cup of coffee and warm scone (which is becoming more of a ritual every time we go out) and sifted through brochures we had collected at the bus stop, we truly did look like tourists on a mission.

The castle and cathedral are defiantly the main attraction of Durham, every where you are you can seem them standing proudly at the top of the hill, which was good for us because we didn’t need a map. There was a lovely welcoming feeling about Durham, like always I was in awe of the streets so cute and humble I just wanted to hug them. The cathedral it’s self, well to say it was magnificent would be an understatement. I was getting neck cramps from just trying to take it all in, there was a very strange presence within it, of age wisdom and secrets.

It’s hard to describe Durham, the town although rich with history had a modern feeling (probably all the shops in the town center), it was certainly a town that made the most of it’s surroundings. There was also a market on, so while streets performers supplied a soundtrack for my day I was in and out of every vintage store I found and to end the day we had a meal in one of the many pubs that added to the English charm.

Sunday on the other hand was a budget day after sending way to much money the day before. Sundays are normally a very relaxed day in Sunderland as most shops are closed excluding the center and our buses don’t run. Thinking we had the whole day to enjoy a quick walk down to Hylton to see the castle seemed like a great way to send a Sunday. Just a short hour walk there and an hour walk back.

The short hour walk there turned into an hour an half although we did beat our time back with only an hour and 15. The journey there was more pleasant as we were fresh and enjoying the scenery despite the wind working against us. Hylton is not the prettiest or most pleasant of towns we had visited and the Hylton castle was defiantly the only thing it had going for it. Rather small compared to the others we had scene it still held it’s own. It was like a old, dark, mysterious man whom people would swear once killed a man. Although hollowed out I would not put it past me that this castle had seen some serious shit. Being built in 1400 it had a right to own that town and as we respectively took photos we then left and didn’t look back.

Making it home just before dark (5pm) we were tired and hungry although satisfied with our selves that we were safe, mildly warm and far, far, far away from that castle.












One thought on “Durham to Hylton

  1. Donna Lourensz says:

    Sounds like an excellent place to have a bus ride! I can picture yourself sitting on a warm bus watching the beauty out the window. You should wear a fitbit you must be walking some serious miles.


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