The ramblings of my brain on a Sunday evening……….

I am exhausted, being an adult is hard, I don’t want to do it any more.

Today I ran out of socks again expect this time instead of doing the washing I just went out and bought some more. I also ran out of decent food because grocery shopping which was fun to begin with is turning into maths class 2.0, the Aldi addition.

Spring break is also coming up which means I have to figure out how to pack 2 weeks worth of clothes in a single carry on bag, that shall be fun. We also have to book train tickets and I have to sort my money out and put euros on my card. The only thing standing between me and Europe is and Essay and an assessment video piece. Then I will be free!

But even before that we have a tripped planned to Manchester next week. We finalised our accommodation last night and that was a pain. Everything was booked out even on Airbnb. I don’t know what’s going down in Manchester next week but I will find out. Of course if we did’t have tickets to The 1975 for that weekend we just would have picked another weekend but we were already committed. We spent hours trying to figure out how to spend as little money, hotels were all booked out and the ones left were so expensive even the hostels were pricing and had a minimum two nights stay. But we got there in the end and hopefully it will be a good weekend. We just have to book the bus there and back. Trains here are so expensive it is ridiculous but luckily the buses are so much cheaper and to get from Sunderland to Manchester it takes the same amount of time which is good. Normally the bus takes twice as long. Despite all this I am just too excited to go to Manchester I can’t wait to experience a concert over here, I wonder if it will be different. Exciting times ahead, who has time for uni work  once I get all my uni work done…..hi mum 😀

I have spent my weekend procrastinating writing this essay and following up my phone situation which has been a pain but hopefully is now all okay. Last night I was up until 3am trying to come up with a decent argument for my essay and kick start it when it started snowing and it was so pretty. It’s the little things like that which make me stop and take it all in.

It is nearly approaching the two month mark and despite all the ups and downs and complications I have faced I can honestly say  I am having the time of my life. I am loving my independence although I do still call up mum asking for help 80 per cent of the time. I like to pretend I am doing it all on my own. I wish I could say I am 100 per cent self sufficient but it takes baby steps and multiple mistakes to get there.

My lanyard also broke which held my student I.D., key and gym key but thanks to Karla back at home for her loom band I now keep everything together in a more colourful way.

This week also saw the 5th birthday of my flatmate as her birthday falls on Feburuay 29th which was really fun because we celebrated as a little flat family. It was definatly one to remember, maybe not for her. hehehe

This week also saw us use the oven for the first time to bake cookies which was fun. We had a little cookie/movie party.

I am excited for another week here as everyday is an adventure, a new problem to solve or adulty hurdle to over come. speaking of adulty hurdle I now have to go see what I can eat for dinner. Woo!

Until next time xxxx





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