going the distance

I never really considered how my relationships would be effected by me being so far away. The distant didn’t seem to bother me or even cross my mind as a problem. I have always liked being by myself and enjoying my own company, but I never really noticed how much I enjoy the company of others. I don’t just mean people in general or lots of people but the people I actually like and have just grown use to having around.

Relationships are hard to define or even keep consistence. They are constantly adapting to new changes in our lives and challenges that arise. Being thousands of miles from those people takes extra commitment and even though you know they will always be there, it’s not the fact that the relationship may fade but that you are missing out on moments, memories or even just routine.

Coming home to familiar faces and furry faces (my puppy Tj), the simple act of watching T.V and bouncing comments of each other and sharing a packet of tim tams (have to eat all the chocolate by myself now!)

Being so far away can sometimes be hard to stay up to date with everyone. I have noticed even with this blog I am still forgetting who I tell what to and may even end up repeating myself to some. Having to schedule time to talk and catch up with friends was tricky when we were in the same time zone with our crazy schedules, now it takes serious planning and science to get that stuff sorted.

Back at home I remember having conversations about who’s turn it was to drive the 10 or 20min to see one another, now that distance seems so insignificant. I miss seeing my friends faces. Even though we are constantly messaging and regularly face timing it’s still hard and sometimes frustrating.

Before I came here Louise (my bff) and I agreed to multiple communication methods but time flys by so fast before we know it, it’s been days and we haven’t talked. We will wake up at different times to multiple messages, “where are you? why are you sleeping? omg I need to tell you something!” and my personal favourite “I have a question….I need advice” but by the time the other one has seen it the question has been answered or the crisis avoided. Although sometimes you just need them to wake up! On regular occasions we will face time yet just stare blankly at the screen because even though you have so much to tell them nothing seems to be coming to mind, because the time has passed, it’s no longer relevant. Sometimes you do feel like you’re missing out and you wish they could be here with you, just to share the laughter and smiles. Going to The 1975 concert in Manchester and knowing I won’t be able to share this with Louise makes me a little sad (also because I don’t have my concert boots but let’s not go there now). There are times where you just need your friends, information and stories that you just need to tell them face to face. Even though I have already made great friends here it’s the familiarity you miss, the friends where even just a look is enough.

I miss going to the gym with my sister and cousins because apparently dancing by yourself while you work out gets you weird looks. It’s the car dance parties to and from gym and the literal dragging of my ass to and from gym. It’s the movie nights and family dinners (not only because of the lack of gourmet food I have here) but the people.

Relationships are a funny thing because you never really know where they will go next, how they will last going the distant or even if they will go the distant. There are scary new relationships being made here with people I don’t even know if I will see again once the semester is over. You can never pin them down or map them out, you can only enjoy them however they affect you, however long they last.





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