If I was to write this blog post yesterday it would have gone something like this….


As you can see not very readable, so I put it off until I can gather my thoughts properly and put them in to words that you can understand, but to get to it I must start from the beginning.

As some of you may already know I was bound for Manchester to see The 1975 concert on Saturday. We left Friday afternoon, taking the bus from Sunderland to Manchester, a short 3hr journey of which I slept most of the way. I would like to make a special thank you to my dad for training me up for long car journeys with no stopping as I was able to make the whole journey comfortably with out having to use the disgusting toilet on the bus.

We had booked two nights in a lovely hostel Hatters, which too sum it up was like being on school camp. We were lucky enough to have a room to ourselves and also was supplied with a free breakfast each morning. The hostel sure was an experience, is was equally good and bad. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting whilst the bathroom facilities not so much. 20160312_174216.jpgAfter settling in we met up with some friends who we knew from meeting them in Newcastle where one of the guys lives. The same guy who was able to get us free tickets to the show, yes you read right, free tickets to The 1975 turns out he tours with the band and has close family relations to the singer. After a few drinks at the bar we ventured out to explore the Manchester night life, which turns out is amazing! There were so many cool places all filled with people and awesome music. Not wanting to waste the next day we didn’t have a late one.

Saturday was filled with lots of walking and getting lost. The streets of Manchester are a maze! The city has a very industrial feel along with strong Melbourne vibes, filled with hipster cafes and vintage stores. I was in heaven.

The real excitement started around 7:00pm. Once we were all ready we made our way to the venue where we were collected our tickets from the guest list and tried not to explode with excitement. There is something really electric about seeing a band live, there is nothing like being surrounded by people dancing and sharing their love for music whilst being completely wrapped up in the music unable to hear anything else apart from the music. It’s my happy place, I mean how could you be sad when you are having that much fun. As always the band delivered a great show. Their new set list, longer and including their new album was something truly magical. They had amazing lighting during their performances which enhanced the whole experience. As always I didn’t want it to end.20160313_183912.jpg

One thing I forgot to mention was when we picked up our tickets we were also gifted a wrist band permitting us to the after gig drinks. We found ourselves in the venue bar with the bands family and friends. Feeling totally out of place I couldn’t even begin to take it all in when suddenly the band started making their way in. We were standing talking to the guy who made this all happen when Matt Healy the singer came over, we were introduced and he greeted us with a hug and chatted to us for a while before he had to continue the rounds to the rest of his family and friends. Let’s just say I was surprised actual words came out of my mouth let alone a whole conversation.

The next day as we tried to come down from the high we literally stumbled across a cute little market at the doorstep of our hostel. Not being able to resist myself I bought a beautiful necklace from a lady who makes jewelry out of guitar strings.20160313_183812.jpg We wondered around for a while filling in time before making our way back to the bus station where we would sadly depart this beautiful city.

All I can say is that I am incredibly grateful for this experience and is definitely a night I wont be forgetting. Manchester sure did deliver and with the weekend I had it will always hold a special place in my heart.




One thought on “Manchester

  1. Donna Lourensz says:

    Excellent adventure! Loved the guitar string jewllery. What a special piece to remember a special time. As for the accomodation thing…. a girl at the gym told me about couch surfing. Aparently there is a website and you crash on someones couch for the night and you rate the couch. I would have loved that in my younger years. But your camp situation looks like an adventure too.


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