3 countries, 2 girls, 1 suitcase

No this is not a title of a horror film or the latest reality television show but my actual life for the past two weeks. With spring breaking ending as quickly as it came it has been a whirlwind couple of weeks. traveling from London to Paris to Amsterdam and back to London has been the craziest fun I have ever experienced. Although I am sad that it is over a little piece of me is comforted to be back home in my own bed.

Starting our spring break on a Contiki tour was definitely the way to go. It gave us confidence in being in new places but also allowed to relax a bit more whilst someone else did all the planning. I would definitely recommend Contiki to any one, the range of people we met on our tour and the insights our guide gave us is something you couldn’t experience if you were travelling by yourself. Plus I found it some what heart warming that my own mum had also been on a Contiki tour around my age and now for me to also be on Contiki was truly something special.

Most of the country hoping was done with Contiki which was so helpful and a whole lot more easier. From trains to buses to ferries and planes, there is not one form of transport I have not taken over the past two weeks.

They also feed you every now and then on Contiki which is very handy.

Trying to condense everything into one blog post isn’t going to work so I plan to over the next few days write a review of the places I visited and try my best to give you an insight of what I saw and the amazing experiences I had.

I am exhausted after these two weeks and coming home to no food and dirty laundry is no fun, and yes our suitcase is still packed with only the bare necessity’s being taken out. I have missed posting on here and can’t wait to get back into it.



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