London’s calling

After our whirl wind week with Contiki we were excited to go at our own pace and be able to really enjoy the beauty of London. We stayed in an apartment through Airbnb which was situated in Westminster just a short 3min walk to Parliament square. The location of this place was amazing, giving us easy access to walk pretty much every where. Our week consisted of……

  • Hyde park
  • Carousel rides
  • Kensington Palace and garden
  • Madame Tussauds
  • The National Gallery
  • The National Portrait Gallery
  • The British Museum
  • Abbey Rd studio
  • Food markets
  • St Pauls Cathedral

Just to name a few things. Our week was packed with ticking of every touristy thing you could think of. Yet for me the most memorable moments came when we were just strolling through the streets and parks, having coffee by the river with Big Ben in our view and even just having drinks at south bank.  This week London became our home.

My top tourist places we went would have to be Madame Tussauds. Despite the three hour long wait in line it was the most fun I have ever had. The wax figures were amazing and so life like. Taking photos with celebrity wax figures never gets old, the whole time we couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. I felt like a little kid being let loose in a lolly shop.

Another must to do in London is visit the galleries, even if you don not particularly like art galleries, seriously these are something else. My favourite was the the National Portrait Gallery which has something for everyone from ancient portraits to royal portraits and celebrity portraits of all kinds. The detail in these paints is magnificent and the size of some are truly something amazing. The National Gallery which is situated right in Trafalgar square is absolutely breath taking even just walking through the doors. The had paintings from all different time periods and even had painters painting, paintings in the gallery which was fascinating to watch. There is something really peaceful about walking through galleries to me, it’s calming and exciting all wrapped up together. Plus these galleries are free to enter which is perfect when you are travelling on a budget.

The weather whilst we were in London was absolutely beautiful and even we even found ourselves eating ice cream in Trafalgar square at one point. This lovely weather enabled us to mostly walk every where, which I myself prefer as you are able to see more of the city. Yet when we had to travel a bit further or when we were completely exhausted we found a good friend in the London underground. The underground was so easy to use despite the billion different lines and made getting to where we needed to go so simple. We got ourselves oyster cards which is kind of like the London equivalent of Melbourne’s myki cards. With these cards we felt like true locals.

South bank to my surprise was home to Borough market, the most amazing food market I have ever been to in England. Although my favourite place quickly became Hyde park, it was so beautiful and you could walk for hours along the water or through the trees and flowers. It was so peaceful yet full of life. Any where you go in London there are people every where that sometimes we found ourselves just sitting and people watching.

Being among so many people all looking at the same building/statue/ landmark you get sense of how tiny you are in this world. It is not just just today but everyday people in there 100’s and 1000’s all pick out the same destination, all have the same desire in them to visit these places. Why? Because other people do? Because it’s a “must see”? Or have they just been dragged along? The history? The beauty? The stories? The list is endless, yet no matter what the reasons are these people are here, ticking off their dreams . they like myself are looking for something within us to complete. Whether we know what that is or not at least we are trying, with every adventure and place we visit, adding a piece to our story.


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