With only a few weeks left of uni I am finding my self buried in school work and little time left to explore this beautiful place. Not only is timing flying by but so is my cash. It is coming to that time in the trip where you are rationing your money as if your life depends on it.

Having essay after essay to write along with this blog and another blog to write for my social media class I have found comfort in my local Starbucks to get some quite time. For me it is hard to write in my room when I spend pretty much all of my time in there, plus the added temptation to take a nap or watch a movie. For me it is easier to put myself to work without the temptations plus the caffeine helps.

It has also been incredibly sunny here the past couple of days that I even walked to uni one day in a t-shirt and skirt. In this moment I also realised how white I have become and went and bought some bronzer.

I can’t explain how fast time is flying, I feel like I only just got here yet I only have a few weeks left of uni. Once uni is all done and dusted I have two weeks to tidy up my room and start getting things sorted for my departure. Once the 1st of June arrives Cailin and I are off to Ireland for a week before finally on the 11th of June I get to see a familiar face. Yes, my lovely mother will be coming over and hopefully help me fit everything back into the suitcase!

In saying this I still have a few months on my own which I am determined to make the most of. Thinking about coming home is filled with mixed emotions so I try not to think about it too much.

The one thing I have noticed coming over here is how much I have grown and learnt about myself. When you take away your job, distractions, your familiar surrounds and people all that’s left is you, starting fresh. Being here and only having myself knowing my usual routine and the person I was it’s tempting to take on all new personas and try out different routines. Without all the distractions it became clear what I like to do and the person I want to be. When you don’t HAVE to do any only what you WANT, to me it has been really eye opening. What is even more exciting is that this is just the beginning. I get to continue figuring out who I am along with what I want to take out of life and I am super excited!



2 thoughts on “25/04/16

  1. Donna Lourensz says:

    Yes these are the years when you define who you are it’s nice you have begun them in a beautiful place. We only grow when we leave our comfort zones. Your challenge will be to continue that when you get back home. You have all these fabulous memories to motivate you.

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