121 days in and I have officially finished my studies here. Today I handed in my last assignment and the feeling was bitter sweet. I can’t believe it’s all over, I feel like my first day of classes was only yesterday. It’s hard to think that I wont be returning to the campus anymore, the lecture rooms, library, cafes, there’s no need for me to return.

The university of Sunderland welcomed us with open arms and I actually had a great time, which is a first for me to say about any schooling. Now that I have finished with all my classes and handed everything in it is a weird feeling because I know my time here is coming to an end and it is a scary thought.

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Sunderland has become my home and even thinking about having to pack up my room and move out of my flat in a couple of weeks is unsettling. I am not even close to being ready to leave, I have made a home here with new friends that have shared this journey with me, to just pack up and leave in completely opposite directions is hard to comprehend.

I call it pre-post-abroad depression, all of us are in denial about having to leave. Every now and then it will come up and we all start having a mini panic attack before some one pulls out the emergency wine or in serious cases the vodka.

I’m not sure how I am going to feel about coming home, despite the lack of funds and having to get a job again, settling back into my old routine doesn’t seem possible at this point.


The good thing about uni being over is that we can make the most of our last couple of weeks together and continue our adventures , especially with our Ireland trip coming up.



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