An update for you all, yes she made it to Newcastle!

Today I picked up the mother from the airport, despite being a little bit late due to train delays luckily she was too excited to see me to be mad. After not hearing from her since she was in Melbourne I was convinced she had gotten lost in Dubai but she pulled through and made it to Newcastle.

After we made it to Sunderland and I got her settled in her room I took her for a walk around the town and to the shops. She was loving it, despite being so tired she was a real trooper and stayed up until 9pm! For me it was so weird having her around and showing her where I have been living but it was also kind of fun to finally share this experience. Now that she is here it is finally starting to sink in that my time here is limited. With mums help we packed up most of my room and I do not like it one bit. I swear some one is going to have to sedate me to get me on the flight back to Australia.





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