Edinburgh ft mother

Feeling anxious and sad I didn’t sleep a wink during the last night in my flat. I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving but sadly we cannot stop or slow down time and eventually it was morning and time to leave. Leaving my flat and Cailin was harder and more emotional than I thought it would be but it only strengthened my desire and solidify my plans to hopefully soon, once again have my own little place.

Only 15 minutes into our journey I had had enough of my suitcase, trying to navigate my way on footpaths and on to trains with my monster of a suitcase I was quickly beginning to regret everything I had packed. Once on the train and on our way to Edinburgh I calmed down enough to reassure myself that yes, shoes and personal hygiene is important and should take my suitcase with me when I hope off the train.

I was excited to go back to Edinburgh, I absolutely love this city. This time around it was a lot warmer, despite what mum thought.  Not being able to check into our BnB yet we had to put our luggage in lockers before we proceeded to walk around Old Town. It was fun watching someone else’s reaction to the city and for me it was eye opening being able to just walk around and take in everything knowing I had already taken photo’s the first time around. I then opened up mum’s eyes to the wonderful world of Burgers and Beers. This is a magical place where the make the best burgers you will ever eat in your life and well worth the travel.

Our BnB (once we finally found it) was the cutest little flat I have ever seen, styled all retro and colourful it defiantly suited Edinburgh’s vibe.

For our full day in Edinburgh we walked to the top of Arthur’s seat to get the best views of Edinburgh. Despite the slight mist and wind it was amazing and well worth the hike up. I then took mum on a walk towards the palace and then up the royal mile back into town. By this time we were hungry and stopped off at a little café for lunch, which was good not only to re-fuel but to get out of the misty rain. Even though I have been here already I still loved walking around and getting lost in the streets because every wrong turn leads you down a new adventure but all that walking tired us and we were back in the flat for dinner and well deserved hot showers.

This morning we were up bright and early having to catch our train to London at 7:30am. The start to the day didn’t go according to plan, having to walk to the train station in the rain with my monster suitcase was not fun especially when I had just straightened my hair all nice for London and my rain coat was 10 layers deep in my suitcase. Despite the not so fun journey to the station the train ride was relaxing and I was able to catch up on some sleep. Soon enough I was back in another one of my favourite cities.

I am still getting used to having mum around 24/7. Going from being all by myself with my new friends to having her around, all the time is definitely an adjustment. I already miss my flat, Sunderland and especially Cailin although I am excited to continue with my travels. We have a busy couple of weeks coming up and with so many emotions running through me I don’t know how this will end.


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