Harry Potter WB Studio Tour-London

Arriving in London just a short 5 hour train ride from Edinburgh I was so excited to be back. I love every inch of London as there is always something to do, see or explore. London is such a huge city I was anxious to get out there show mum all my favourite places as we have such little time in this beautiful place.

The first day we walked around Hyde park and entered Kensington Palace which held entrance into the Kings Apartments, State rooms, the life of Queen Victoria and my favourite an exhibit on the royal fashion. The next day I continued to show mum the main landmarks such as Big Ben, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar square and Buckingham Palace before the magic began.

I have never felt like more of a big kid than I did today. Taking the train to Watford Junction where a shuttle bus would pick us up to take us to the Warner Brothers studios I truly felt as if I were going to Hogwarts. There is something about being in London that just makes you feel closer to the wizarding world. Pulling up to the studios I was ready to elbow my way through the mass of children to get in first, until I realised that most of the people there were adults. The tour its self starts off with a little introductory film before you enter the great hall. From that moment on you are apart of their world and it is the most extraordinary feeling.You then are able to make your way through the tour at your own pace. We purchased the audio guides and to be honest it really enhances the tour and gives you more insight into the making of Harry Potter with little extras here and there.

The tour itself enables you to walk among the sets, view props, costumes, special effects, visual effects, behind the scenes magic, the making of creatures, the thought process, the building and designing process, the growth of the production scale across the series and my personal favourite, enabling you to take part in their world. The tour opens your eyes to just how huge the production of these films were and all the work that was put in to bring life to J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world. We were able to view how sets and props came to life and most importantly the making of Quidditch. Another favourite of mine was getting to see and board the Hogwarts express along with walking down Diagon Alley and seeing the 1:28 scale of Hogwarts. There is just so much to see and learn that at the end I understand why one person spent 13  hours in the studio tour (as the tour guide at the beginning mentioned).

We spent a total of three and a half hours wondering the studio and then the gift store before sadly we had to part. I would recommend this tour to any Harry Potter fan out there as it truly brings the fantasy wizarding world into our reality.


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