Relaxing now in Paris it is hard to believe we covered so many countries and different places in such a short time. Starting in London-Berlin-Germany-Austria-Switzerland-Italy then finishing in France. For the ten days mum and I traveled with a Cosmos tour group which would give us only a taste of these magical places. Our group was small with a majority of people coming from the USA. There a good and bad things when taking part in a tour group, the good thing is that it is so easy and you don’t have to worry about a thing but showing up on time ready to go. The bad thing is that you have to stick to there schedule and having such short time in these countries was frustrating. I felt I didn’t get to experience much of the culture as I would have liked to and felt rushed, plus the packing up every morning to move onto the next place and to a new hotel was exhausting.

In saying these things the good out ways the bad by miles. I loved every single place we visited from eating the most amazing waffle in Brussels to riding on a scenic train through the Swiss alps are all memories I will never forget. Every village and city we entered had their own unique beauty that constantly put a smile on my face. It was incredible to be standing in Switzerland sweating from the heat but then to look up and see mountains still covered in snow. Switzerland was probably one of my favourite places we visited but in saying this it was also the most expensive so I will probably have to save up for a while before I can return. I can’t wait to go back to all these places as like I said we didn’t even get to scrap the surface of these beautiful places.

Our tour ended in Paris where we stayed in a less than impressive hotel. We had a tour of the city and visited Notre Damn. Having been to Paris just recently the city was fresh in my mind and I was able to take mum around and be her personal tour guide. I loved going around the city again as this time I was able to take more in rather than just being in totally shock and awe the whole time.

The tour was over before we knew it and soon enough we were on our own again checking into our Airbnb closer to the city center which I was grateful for.

I do apologise for the lack of posting on the blog we have just been non-stop lately and the wifi hasn’t been to great.




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