But how I’d love to got to Paris again

As many of you many already now Samantha has now joined us, taking a plane from London to Paris we picked her up from the airport around late morning. I was quite surprised to see her come out with only one luggage bag and so grateful when she pulled out a packet of tim tams.

Not wanting to waste any of our time in Paris as soon as we dropped off her bags at our Airbnb, located just a short 10min metro ride from the centre of Paris, we made our way to the most important stop of all, the Eiffel tower. Hoping to make our way to the top we were disappointed to find out that is was closed for the day and we would have to come back another. We spent the rest of the afternoon hitting other major tourist spots such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Concorde, Chanel and Laduree. It was fun finally having her back around although it still feels weird having her around too now.

The next day we all decided to hang up our adult shoes and be kids again, we were off to Disneyland! Just a short metro then train ride (which we became really good at around Paris) and we were in the land of happiness. Just walking through the gates you can’t help but not smile. The atmosphere is amazing from the actors to the music and just the scenery in general makes you feel like you have literally entered their Disney world. We went on every ride we could and because it wasn’t peak time the longest we had to wait for a ride was only 40min but even then we were able to get a fast pass so we could go and do something else (aka fuel up on ice cream) before returning at our allocated time. Sadly Space Mountain was closed which Samantha and mum were secretly happy about. Our tickets even enabled us to go through the Walt Disney studios there and learn all about how animation is created and all about special effects. All up we spent just over 10 hours there and left there exhausted and loaded with goodies.

For our last day in Paris we were determined to get to the top of the Eiffel tower. I even made them climb the two floors just for that little bit of extra fun. It was cold and windy looking out over Paris but luckily it wasn’t cloudy and we still had a magnificent view. Reluctantly Samantha and Mum got on the elevator all the way to the top, Samantha closing her eyes all the way up. After a quick photo they were keen to get there feet back on solid ground. We then made our way to the Louvre, stopping for a quick lunch beforehand and a Laduree macaroon pick me up. Once inside the Louvre I was amazed and the how grand everything was. There is so much to see that we knew we would only see a little so making an executive decision we headed straight to where everyone else was going, the Mona Lisa. It’s funny because you always here so much about it and see replicas of it all over the place that when you actual see it mounted on its own way encased in glass and barricades it takes a while for it to sink in, like yep this is the real deal, this is where it all started. We then proceeded to just wander around making our way through the French, Italian and Spanish paintings before moving on to African then to the Greek statues and artefacts. I would definitely recommend going to the Louvre if you are ever in Paris even if art doesn’t interest you, it is truly eye opening and a one of a kind.

Sadly come Friday morning it was time to leave Paris and make our way to Lyon and even worse both Samantha and I had come down with a cold, making carrying our luggage and getting on a train all that more enjoyable. Arriving in Lyon it was hot and not like a comfortable hot but a steamy, sticking, sweaty hot. Luckily our hotel was only a short five minute walk and once inside our room we crashed. Knowing we only had one night here we were determined to see as much as we could so despite our blocked noses, sore throats and headaches we powered through and made our way to the old town. We spent the afternoon walking along the shops and water before finally our clothes were soaked through and we had to make our way back to the hotel. We spent so little time in Lyon leaving for Nice on a 7am train the next morning. Again our hotel in Nice was only a five minute walk and once we had dropped our bags off in the lovely two star accommodation we once again made our way to the town and somehow back at the shops (sorry dad). Nice was beautiful, the weather was magnificent and the atmosphere was amazing. The buildings all colourful and decorated made me feel like I was living in a dolls world. What amazed me was the beach had no sand only rocks which was good because you didn’t sand everywhere but not as comfortable to sit on. Despite this we had a picnic dinner on the beach watching the sunset and planes take off and land at the nearby airport.

Only spending two nights in Nice on our final day we made our way to Monaco by a very crowded and hot bus, thankfully it was only a 30min ride to Monte Carlo. We didn’t even bother going into any shops because even there shopping centre looked like something out of a palace. We walked along the water picking out our Yachts. Then we got lost but found our self in a lovely old town area and even made it to the Palace before finally finding our bus stop to take us back to Nice. Back in Nice we were feeling deprived of shopping so we walked through the old town which was beautiful and even sat down for a bucket of mussels, YUM! Mum was disappointed with the size of them but I was happy and they tasted great. Walking back towards the water to all the main bars and restaurants we were feeling parched from all the walking so stopped off for a cocktail we were found out that France was playing in the Euro soccer that night. The streets were crowded with fans all dressed up and very loud. After a few dinner cocktails we were feeling refreshed enough to make our way back to our hotel where we had to re-pack our bags. It is funny how quickly you can make a mess of things when you stay in a place for longer than one night. With our windows open we were able to be kept informed about the match as every time France scored a goal a roar of cheering and horns would make its way through the night air and up to our window. For those of you interested France won.

Nice is a wonderful place and I can’t wait to revisit it one day, but for now we must keep moving, next stop Italy!


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