Italy: Milano & Venice

Italy the land of gelato, pasta, pizza, wine and Nutella! Aka the land of weight gain. Our first stop Milano. After a lengthy 6 hour train ride we arrived just after lunch time but that didn’t stop us from putting a dent in our bank accounts.

Stopping for a quick refresher at our hotel (which by the way would highly recommend Ibis hotels for their wonderful accommodation and buffet breakfasts), we headed straight for the city center only a 20min walk from our hotel. The sun was still shining and boy did we feel it. Taking refuge in the air-conditioned shops we soon came to the realisation that we were among Milano’s mid-year sales. Fate obviously taking action. Everywhere we looked there were signs 40% off, 50%, 60% and 80% off. You couldn’t be in Milano with these types of sales and not buy anything, so we did as any sane, reasonable person with a bulging suitcase would do and bought everything. After an exhausting afternoon of swiping cards and carrying bags we knew we had to replenish our bodies with nourishing nutrition, gelati! Coming to Italy I knew it would be good but it was god damn amazing, I had cannoli flavour and choc mint and got it all over my face without a care in the world.

We then made our way to the wonderful land of or should I say lack of land, Venice! Even from just a glance Venice will steal your heart. Despite the heat and having to carry our bags onto a packed and sweaty ferry I couldn’t help but feel instant happiness and excitement. I just wanted to drop my bags, run and explore.

We made our way once again through the line of market stalls and shops, over bridges and through alley ways. We decided to have cocktails before dinner as a bar near our hotel offered 2 for 1 during happy hour. We soon discovered Italians don’t measure their liquor and right then I knew Italy was my favourite place. Followed by dinner at a lovely restaurant where I had the most amazing black ink fish and polenta and a stroll through St Mark’s square we then proceeded to walk around before we realised we were completely lost. The thing about Venice is that it is like a gigantic maze, which is what made it one of my favourite places, but when you are tired and the sun has gone down it can be real annoying.

Only having one full day in Venice we made our way by boat to Murano, famous for all its glass work.  We were able to watch the glass being sculptured before we made our way through the endless amount of glass shops (wearing a backpack was probably not the smartest decision I have made). Making our way back to Venice we continued to explore the city, once again getting lost we decided an emergency Spritz was in order to help our sense of direction. Ending our last night in Venice with dinner by the water and a moonlight stroll was magical.

Venice is such a beautiful place and despite being surrounded by water in the heat yet not being able to swim in it, you can’t help but fall in love with its historic beauty and charm. No words or photos can do it justice, you just have to see it to believe it. I could have easily stayed in Venice longer and spent hours walking through all the streets, getting lost and eating gelato, but with so much of Italy to see in such a small time we were off once again the next day to Treviso.


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