It’s official, I am back on aussie ground yet it feels like I’m in a dream. Landing in Melbourne on Friday we haven’t stopped. From catching up with friends to going to the 1975 concert on Sunday then back at uni and gym on Monday I feel like I have slipped straight back into the same song yet somehow the beats slightly off. It’s been crazy and I’m still finding it hard to sleep, my bed is too quiet, there are no sirens and I have so much room. Combined with the jet-lag I just feel like I’m awake 24/7.

I can’t believe how fast the last six months have gone and thinking back on all the places I have seen and memories I have made I feel so luckily to have taken part in such an amazing experience and can’t thank enough everyone who helped me, especially mum and dad, I couldn’t have done all the amazing things without their help.

I can’t experience how I am feeling right now as I am still settling in but I found this blog post The Hardest Part of Traveling No One Talks About by Kellie Donnelley which hit me in the feels.

This journey was an amazing one that I will hold deep in my heart forever. I can’t wait for the next one and to discover more amazing places and people.

Until next time.

Love & happiness




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