I am not going to lie, I have been putting off writing this post as sadly it will be my last. Not forever but for a while. Rome was the last stop on our six week adventure and the last stop for my six months abroad. To say I am a bit emotional would be the world’s biggest understatement, but lets just blame that on jet-lag.

We arrived in Rome after only an hour and half train ride and like a miracle were easily able to find our bnb. Our room was seven floors up and luckily this time there was an elevator. Although the stairs did come in handy after that extra scoop of gelati. We spent the rest of our afternoon trying to get our bearings as Rome is a huge city. It came as quit a shock to me as I always pictured Rome to be older and more romantic as portrayed in movies and pictures but once you are there for yourself it hits you that it is actually a growing, thriving, capital city. After the initial shock you are confused and begin to question what even is Rome? Then you will turn a corner and literally walk into a huge monument. This happened on many occasions, my advice forget the map and surprise yourself every time you turn the corner like bam the Trevi fountain or bam the Pantheon. Unlike my lets walk around in circles in this general direction and some how we will end up where we need to be, mum needed a map and did not like walking in circles.

There is so much to see in Rome that if you try and see everything in such a short time period you will be running around from sunrise to sunset without enjoying the actual city and what it has to offer. Also if you want a decent Italian meal get out of the city center, I repeat GET OUT! At this point in our trip I was so over waiters jumping on you as you walk past like can you not see my pizza baby, I just ate leave me alone!

Wanting to beat the heat (which apparently you cant) we were up early to go see the Colosseum. If you go to see the Colosseum I wold definitely recommend the audio guides as they give you a greater insight into the history and you are able to get a better sense of what this magnificent structure use to represent and how it took part in the Romans day to day life. This was probably one of my favourite things in Rome, it was completely different to how I pictured it yet some how it was better. We then continued to walk around the city stopping for lunch and of course gelati until we couldn’t help our selves any more and had to check out the shopping scene, because I was sure there was a tiny gap in my suitcase that was not going home empty.

Just before coming to Rome I expressed the interest to mum that I wanted to visit Pompeii, not realising that it was down further south near Naples. Once Samantha then expresses she wanted to go as well we decided to commit to the journey knowing it would be well worth it. We were then able to discover day trip tours that took you from Rome to Pompeii, including transport, entrance, lunch and guides. I would definitely recommend going through a tour group if you are staying in Rome as it would have cost twice as much as we wouldn’t have got as much out of the day or as much information. Pompeii stands on it’s own in it’s own unique attraction category because it was nothing like I had seen before.

Our last day in Rome was hard for me because I knew it was all coming to an end, all the planning, all the travelling, all the tickets, money spent, people met was all coming to a close and soon I would be back on Australian soil. We enjoyed our last moments in Rome still exploring new parts moving down more south to a quieter,  older part of the city where we once again stumbled across the most amazing pasta I have ever eaten. Then we took our full bellies and sore feet to our last attraction that we wanted to tick off the box and made our way to the Vatican. We didn’t have the time to go inside but just viewing it from the outside I knew one day I would have to come back and go inside.

As the sun slowly started to set we relaxed with a few drinks taking in the city before on an impulsive decision we decided to make our way to the Trevi fountain to see it one last time all lit up in the night. Now this is a memory I will hold forever and usually that is the way things go, impulsive sometimes crazy choices lead you to the most amazing experiences and memories no amount of planning or rational thinking could deliver.

The next morning we were off to the airport to make our long journey home.



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