Coming to America

On June 13th I officially commenced my trip to America. This trip has been in the works since year twelve, sitting in class dreaming of better days travelling America working hard to achieve top marks. (Hi mum and dad). Not only is this dream finally here but I am with one of the greatest person I know, Mykayla is not only one of my best friends she continues to inspire me every day and I couldn’t think of a better person to travel with. 

Just a little note before we start, this trip I have not brought my laptop which means post will not be as frequent and sadly probably not as many photos. I will try my hardest to keep you all up to date but visiting so many places in so little time I have a feeling my spare time will be limited. So for those of you wanting to come along with me on this journey, let’s begin….


With just a hop, skip and a jump we made it to Los Angeles, California. Our flight was a quick one compared to the hours and hours of travel i accumulated when dlying to england, this 16 hour flight was a breeze. Stopping over in new Zealand for our connecting flight was probably the hardest part, forgetting to load new zealandd money and the lack of shops we found ourselves sitting down for the most part, just for something different. 

We arrived at LAX around 3pm and by the time we got out it was 5pm, and it was still june 13th. With my ability to sleep anywhere anytime I wasn’t too tired, it just felt like the longest day in history. 

Taking a taxi to our accommodation we couldn’t wait to just dump our bags and find some place to eat! The rest of our afternoon consisted of us walking around in disbelief, confusion and hunger.

With a stroke of luck we found this amazing veggie grill place to eat. It’s amazing how good crunchy vegetables taste after so many plane meals, (not that I’m complaining, air new zealands food was very tasty). Wanting to get back to our accommodation before dark we quickly ducked into Trader Joe’s, luckily for Mykaylas pervious America knowledge, myself on the other hand was like, what am trading to Joe? Quickly grabbing a few forgotten essentials, snacks and a short card/pin number confusion, we made it back in time. 

My first impression of Hollywood was in all honesty underwhelming, I saw no one famous and not one person came up to me asked me to be the leading lady in a multimillion production. Despite this let down, looking around you just knew you were in California. I was surprised at how old and tired the city looked, I could just imagine the amount of people who have traveled here to find stardom and their 15 minutes of fame. I guess many people who come to Hollywood see hope and glamour, but for me I saw disappoint and hardship. In saying this it is a marvellous place filled with sunshine and palm trees, and although I haven’t been many places I can just tell this place is one of a kind.

At the end of a long day of travel there is nothing like a shower and a comfy bed. We fell straight asleep and then after a solid two hours of sleep I was wide awake…..ahhh jet lag, lovely to see you again.


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