Hopped of the plane at LAX

After a shocking nights sleep we were determined to not let jet lag win! We were up early excited to go to the happiest place on earth! Disneyland! As i have previously been to the Paris one i was excited to see the differnce and to also be able to brag that i have been to not only the Paris one but the California one aswell. We found the easiest way to get around was by uber, not only was it cheaper than a taxi it was safer than their public transport. 

Driving to disneyland we were able to experience the beauty of the LA and it’s lovely traffic.

Disneyland was exactly how I remembered it, filled with joy and happiness, it truly takes you back to your childhood. Compared to the Paris one it was definitely larger and had more attractions and areas. 

The sun was in full swing so we used the shops as shelter, something our heads appreciated but our wallets did not. We spent the whole day wondering around, going on rides and pushing smaller kids out of the way. It was only when our feet were hurting and our arms sore we decided to head back.

With still a few hours of day light to kill we walked to Ross. For those of you who don’t know Ross, he is a god, a retail king and a bank accounts best/worst friend. It is a massive warehouse with designer brands at ridiculously cheap prices! If I had known about it before I left I wouldn’t have packed anything in my suitcase. For this reason I will be buying a new suitcase and calling mum and dad for a loan. 


Our second day in Hollywood we were up early again trying to beat the heat. Our plan was to hike up to the hollywood sign. 

The hollywood sign was in my eyes the most exciting thing to see, arriving in LA I thought it would hit you in the face, be as big as the hill and visible from every where. I could not have more futher from the truth. The Hollywood sign in one word was underwhelming. We thought if we hiked up to it, it would look better. 

It took us an hour to get to the base of where the hike began and then the rest of the hike trying to figure out where the hell we were going. There were so many hiking trails and misleading signs in the end we just walked and walked until we came to a look out. 

We were not where we hoped we would be but the view was absolutely magnificent. What struck me the most was that you could see the smog sitting above the city. 

The sun was now beaming down so we decided to head back. On our walk back we strolled down the Hollywood Boulevard with the all the stars. It was so much fun seeing all the names no matter how many times you bumped into people. There were so many stars that went in every direction yet the atmosphere and location of them was yet again not what i had imagined.

The beauty of late check out is that were able to achieve all this in our morning before heading back to our accommodation to pack and move onwards to Venic beach!


Venice beach which was only a 30min drive from Hollywood felt a world away, you instantly felt like you had stepped into the relaxed California life style, whether it was the weed in the air or just the calming water every one was happy and relaxed. 

We stayed in a hostel which was located right on the boardwalk but i insisted on getting a private room with our own bathroom to which the guy at the check in called the ‘penthouse’ (I have never felt more like a Kardashian) and over looked the water. 

After a quick wardrobe change we went out exploring what venice beach had to offer. There were so many stalls along the boardwalk yet they were the kind of touristy stalls that once youve been in one youve hit them all. We walked all along the boardwalk stopping for frozen yogurt until we got to the Santa Monica Pier. 

The pier was full of people stalls and most famously for the carnival. The most interesting of all was located right in the pier was a huge merry go round tucked away indoors, i had to fight the temptation not to hop on. We continued our walk along the pier stopping for a cocktail because 1) it was happy hour 2) it was on a rooftop overlooking the water and 3) walking is tiring and we needed to refuel. 

The best thing about Los Angeles is that everyone is into fitness and health crazes so not only was it easy to find healthy and tasty food, just being around all these people felt like your body was cleansing. (Definitely recommend True Food Kitchen and Flower Child). They also had amazing frozen yogurt shops made with greek yogurt that I will forever dream about. 

Our second and last day at Venice beach we walked to the original Golds gym, as you may or may not know body building is huge and the beach is also known as ‘the muscle beach’. Mykayla was keen to train there but i was struck down by the entry fee and found my money better spent on coffee at starbucks. Plus all that testosterone in one place was overwhelming. 

Deciding we hadn’t walked enough we followed the water and walked all along the beach until we couldn’t walk any more……..then we realised we had to walk back. With all this walking we were averaging around 30,000 steps which is quiet easily done when you’re busy sight seeing and don’t have easy access to a car. 

For our final night in LA we decided to go to the Santa Monica pier carnival and although it is not as big and exciting as it’s made out to be the ferris wheel ride is a must. It left us speechless. With magnificent views of the city, beach and water, it was one of those moments where for a second time stops and it hits you. You’re here, you made it, this is magnificent and we are so god damn lucky.


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