I Left My Heart In San Francisco

Flying into San Francisco was a short hour flight. We were both so excited for San Francisco, hearing lots of good things about it I was glad we had four nights here to really explore the city.

Driving through the city to get to our hotel was like being on a roller coaster ride. The streets here are insane, I’m talking you can’t see the end of the street because of the incline of the hills. The second thing that caught my eye were the beautiful town houses built up and decorated in lively colours.
We were staying at the San Remo hotel located a short walk to fishermans warf. The hotel was built in 1906 and they have kept all the original floor plan and fittings so you can have a true authentic historical stay. The hotel was beautiful, each room decorated with information and photos from the time period. As long as you dont mind sharing a bathroom I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone staying in San Francisco.
With our afternoon free we decided to suss out a gym near by our hotel, they were lovely and gave us a four day membership in exchange for us purchasing one of their products. I was excited to get back in the gym after all the frozen yogurt we were eating. Not only was the gym close by but we had a trader joes and a statbucks right around the corner so we were set!

Our first full day in San Francisco we decided to bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. There are so many bike rental places all over the city it’s so easy to just pick one up and ride anywhere. We decided to go with Bay city rentals as some of the places only accept credit cards as insurance just incase you run off with the bike. Bay city was kind enough to let us use our travel cards and their bikes were in good condition with maps of the trail on the bikes. We had to ride to the bridge, over it then to a town called Sausalito where you could then catch a ferry back. Being the ambitious people we are we decided not to purchase ferry tickets and ride back. Now I was totally prepared for this as weeks leading up (okay two weeks only) to this trip I had been training on the bikes at gym (riding for around 20mins a couple times). I was ready, my legs were ready, I’ve got this.
Nope, I was wrong. In the heat and going up some of the hills was a struggle and a half but after a while you become oblivious to the pain and sweat as you’re taken a back by the views and the fun of it all. Riding over the bridge it’s self was magnificent and you get this lovely cool breeze (would not recommend wearing a skirt or hat) you’re completely refreshed and ready for the next leg of the ride to the town. Arriving in the town you had a sense of achievement and also a sense that if you didn’t wat your stomach would eat your other organs. All up it was an hour and a half ride there. The little town was gorgeous sitting right on the water with a few shops and places to eat. I even bought a few pieces of salt water taffy and all I could think of was that episode of friends where ross eats all the taffy, hence why I only bought a few.
Ready for the ride back the hardest part was getting back on the bikes as my butt was sore and my legs still trying to recover. The ride back was just as fun but the sun was starting to really heat up. We made it back and couldn’t have been happier with ourselves. Bike riding over the bridge is a must in San Francisco and if it’s summer definitely do it first thing in the morning.
In need of a shower we headed back to our hotel. Our hotel had a restaurant underneath that held jazz bands so we decided to dress up and go down for some drinks and to relax. The band was lovely and perfect for an afternoon in San Francisco.
It was about that time again to eat, we were so happy with our selves after pur ride we wanted to treat oursleves by going out for dinner on fishermans warf. We found a lovely restaurant over looking the water. Now if anyone would like to take any advice from this listen up, do not go to these restaurants as they are over priced and the food was shit. The view was great but we ahad just the same view the night before with our salad from trader joes sitting on a bench.

We found some of the better places to eat more towards the city than near the water, most likely because the warf is filled with tourists.

Our second day in San Francisco we thought we hadn’t given our legs much of a work out so we thought it would be a great idea to walk around the city . …..all day. Our first stop was to Lombard street, the crookedest street, to me it just looked like all the other streets except it was surrounded by some lovely gardens.
We then made our way to Union square which was the central part of the city, surrounded with shops! Just because we hadn’t done enough already we popped in a few and spent a good couple of hours exercising our cards.
After union square we were not done walking, we headed to haight and ashbury which was a 50min walk. Also known as the hippie street filled with alternative shops and record stores, the closer we got the more colourfull the houses become, it is such a beautiful city you could walk around all day just admiring the houses.
By the time we reached the street once again we were starving and stopped of at a little Vietnamese take away shop, the food was fresh and delicious definitely making up for our dinner.

Whilst walking through the inner city I was7 able to narrow down the top three smells of California…
1. Weed
2. Urine
3. Sewage/garbage

By the time we walked all the way back to our hotel it was late afternoon and if my legs could talk the were definitely cursing at me.
Being so close to the warf we spent a lot of time down there, eating by the water and exploring different streets we even spent hours watching the sea lions that would make themselves at home by the warf.

Waking up the next morning every inch of my body hurt, wanting to take advantage of our gym we had been everyday on top of all the bike riding and walking so my body was screaming at me for an easy day, so that’s exactly what we did.
Our last day in San Francisco was not an exciting day but a well needed day. We did all the exciting stuff like laundry and packing. Before could pack we made a quick trip to Ross where we both purchased more luggage, yes only a week in and we were buying luggage. Mykaylas was needed as her suitcase zip kept breaking and me well I didn’t have a carry on bag, plus I didn’t want to be left out of all the fun! For lunch we couldn’t leave San Francisco with out eating some clam chowder, it was absolutely amazing and worth all the carbs that came with the sourdough bread. We then smashed out some souviner shops which is always fun and had a quick walk around the mariner museum which had a huge military submarine and warship docked by it. (Fun fact the warship that was docked there is where they shot the engine room scene for the titanic). There was also a massive warehouse filled with vintage arcade games all fully functional, there were more adulta than children in there. Before heading back to our room we grabbed a last dinner by the pier.

Leaving San Francisco is bitter sweet, it is such an amazing place but I’m so excited for what’s to come. In the words of Tony Bennet, “I left my heart in San Francisco”.


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