Dallas- Texas

Our trip so far has gone down pretty smoothly, no major problems or complications. We have been welcomed into every place we have visited and met lovely people.

Arriving in Dallas, Texas was another story. As always getting from the airport to our accommodation required a mode of transportation, our go to, uber.
Firstly when our ride arrived he complained about how many bags we had and thay we shouldn’t be calling uber with luggage. Once in the freeway he then made us pay for the toll because he didn’t have any money on him. Just wanting to get to our hotel I was glad it was only a 10min ride. Once again on our way we were all of a sudden hit by another car as they tried to over take us on the freeway. Luckily we weren’t going fast and no one was hurt. The guy who hit us continued to drive so our uber sped up to get hos license and try to pull him over. Finally the guy pulled over and bothe drivers got out and arguing. Being in Texas Mykayla and I were scared someone was going to pull out a gun. After some time we learn that the guy who hit us doesn’t have a license and is an illegal immigrant, begging us not to call the police. He then makes a deal with the driver to give him money to fix the car. So derailing our trip to the bank to get the money we are not objecting as we don’t want to upset our driver any more and we could see the bank from the road. Once our driver has the money he then takes us to our hotel where we literally jumped out of the car. Our driver then begs us not to report to uber and to give him a five star rating. We smiled waved and briskly walked/ran into the hotel lobby.
Feeling completely flustered and hot (it was around 36 degrees) we flopped on our bed as soon as we entered our room.
We were staying at the Wyndham Hawthorne suites which were absolutely beautiful and we not only had a gym but had complementary breakfast each morning.

The first thing that hits you when you arrive in Dallas is the size of everything, the roads are big, the cars are big and there are ao many takaway places to eat its ridiculous. The city is huge itself, mad up of all different little spaced out complexes and towns you definitely need a car. As we did not have a car and were not to keen on In and Out Burger for dinner we searched for the closest supermarket which was a 20min walk away. It was a mexican supermarket but pretty much had regular stuff (regular american stuff) and mexican foods. A 20min walk was all we could do as the heat just absolutely takes it out of you, entering the supermarket or any other place is like walking into a giant fridge!
Dallas is so huge we had to get an uber from our hotel just to get into the downtown part of Dallas.

Our first full day in Dallas we spent, like always exploring the city and finding our feet. Dallas downtown is very business like and nothing like we were expecting. Everything is at least a 20min walk away so we tried to stay central checking out the JFK memorial, museums, the historuc district and my favourite part a western store! Sadly I didn’t purchase any boots as I was taken a back by the price, they all start at around 200 USD.

Another thing to keep in mind if you want the full experience of Texas is to look at events in advance and plan your dates around them. We thought there would be rodeos on all the time but there is actually a specific rodeo season and we just missed out on it.
Not being able to drive and having to rely on uber as there is no good public transport limited the things we could do.  But we embraced the city and walked every inch of it.

The next day we decided to walk to The Galleria which is a massive shopping centre about an hours walk away. We decided to leave early in the morning to beat the heat. Turns out the heat never really goea away.
Walking there was a struggle and a half, not only was it 36 degrees, nobody walks in Dallas so paths just end and you have to continually switch sudes to find grass to walk on or detour around because of construction or just not to get hit by cars.
The shopping mall itself was amazing! Not only was it lovely and cool there were so many different shops. We were very good though and only bought essentials that we needed and of course lunch! We also needed energy to get back so frozen yogurt was a must! The walk back was a real test of our endurance, the sun was not our friend and people driving past probably thought we were insane or our car had broken down. We stopped many times to gather our selves in the shade and wring out our clothes, but we made it back and were so proud of oursleves once again, what can I say we like a challenge.

We only got the true country experience when we planned to meet up with a friend of mine who I had met through on a contiki trip. Lauren lives in Dallas and told us we had to go country dancing with her and we were all for it. Entering the Red River Cowboys dance was everything I had envisioned, with a live band and guys and girls on cowboy hats and boots we truly felt like we were in Texas.
There were also a couple of Laurens friends there who gave us the low down on the country life and how the dance works. We also learnt about the different type of cowboys and how to tell the true ones from the fake ones. It turns out there are also so many different dances to learn and even if you didn’t come with a dancing partner all you have to do is stand near the dance floor and guys will come up and dance with you. Before venturing out we got some lessons off Laurens friends and being the uncoordinated person I am it took me a few goes to get the hang of it. I found the best way is to not think about what you’re doing too much and just let the guy lead.
But the best was yet to come, in the corner of the venue was a mechanical bull! Mykayla was brave enough to have a go and I swear it was the coolest thing I have ever seen! We were all in tears and she surprisingly did very well!
That night was definitely one to remember.
Leaving the dance it was bucketing down rain. We kept getting flash flooding warnings and hurricane warnings, but the locals weren’t too fussed so we knew it was nothing to worry about.
Our flight out to Houston was the next morning, so we woke up on four hour sleep and it was still pouring rain.



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