Houston -Texas

What a whirlwind of a trip already, if you haven’t already noticed this blog is a bit behind to where I actually am in the trip. It’s been non stop, with so little time at each place and all the flying We have had so little down time, and when we do have down time we’re trying to catch up on sleep. Travelling to so many different places in so little time can really take it out of you, you have to really listen to your body, feed it well and limit alcohol (its just not worth it). We’ve been getting up early and cramming so much into our days I feel like we are going to need a holiday after our holiday.  Not having a laptop has also made keeping up to date with blog posts harder, but I am trying my best. So here we go, on to Houston! 
We only had a short two night stay in Houston and with our flight being delayed do to the poor weather and all the rain we got in a lot later than we were hoping for. Stepping out of the airport it was so humid I could almost hear my hair screaming. We made our way to downtown Houston where we were staying at the club quarters. The hotel was beautiful and the location was amazing! Seeing the city for the first was amazing, it was so beautiful and a lot more modern than i had envisioned. It actually reminded me a lot of Melbourne, Houston even has a theater district and is know for it’s art scene.
I was beginning to see a pattern in all the cities we had visited, they are broken up into districts, historic, art, business etc. I also liked that Houston had a lot of signs around the city so you could easily navigate your way around. The weird thing about Houston though is it is so quiet! For a city there was no one around. We later found out that most of the action happens on the outer suburbs where everyone lives and people only come into the city for work on the weekdays.
It was kind of nice though having a city to our selves.

We only had one full day in Houston so after our morning walk around the city we hit the gym before getting ready and properly starting our day. We walked to minute maid park which is a baseball stadium and sadly because it was a Sunday the tours were not running and there wasn’t any games on. We then had to go shopping as it started raining and we needed shelter. We had lunch at this amazing whole foods restaurant called local eats and it was delicious!
Mykayla has a family friend in Houston so we also caught up with her for coffee, we were in the middle of discussing our disadvantage of not having a car to see all the town and the major dilemma of not being able to go to Cavenders western boot store. She then instead she take us! I was so excited when we arrived and overwhelmed by all the different cowboy boots to choose from. Despite their hefty price tag I knew I couldn’t leave Texas without a pair, it was in that moment that I locked eyes with the most beautiful pair of boots and I knew my life wouldn’t be complete with out them. It was this defining moment that I not only completed my Texas mission but also able to spend all my money for the week in one transaction……whoops.
Our night was then spent at an okay mexican restaurant which had a live bad playing who were also mediocre. Despite this the weather was amazing and I was still on a high from my boot shopping so nothing could bring me down.
Houston really took me by surprise, it is such a beautiful city. I can’t wait to go back and hopefully have a car to really be able to explore more of the history and culture that this amazingly unique state has to offer.


One thought on “Houston -Texas

  1. Donna says:

    I’m glad you found some shoes/boots you are happy with just don’t start wearing a lasso! Sound like your having a fabulous time. Hit mum and dad for money if you need it you don’t want any regrets and I’m sure they wouldn’t want you to have any either. X

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