New Orleans 

I don’t know where to start with New Orleans. If it’s not on your bucket list it should be.

Just driving from the airport to our hotel we knew this was going to be an amazing city. There was people everyone, complete opposite of Houston. Not only was the city looking amazing our hotel was right on Canal street which is the main road through the city and it was absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t believe we were staying here, our room over looked the street giving us amazing views to wake up to.
Going out to explore for the first time we didn’t know where to begin, I felt like you could walk down any street and find something amazing.
New orleans was also where I had my firat whole foods experience, it is another healthy grocery store and it is amazing! It has this amazing salad bar where you can fill up a container and pay for it by weight so not only is it delicious and healthy it’s affordable! In conclusion Australia needs whole foods!

Our first full day in New Orleans we continued our routine of an early morning walk, starbucks caffeine fix and taking advantage of our hotel gym. We were staying right near the french quarters which is where the french settlement started in New Orleans. The streets here are absolutely beautiful and look like a little piece of France in America. Lined with cute boutiques, restaurants and antique stores. We made our way through wanting to check out the French market which was divided up in two sections, food and stalls. The food market had lots of southern comfort food and of course alcoholic drinks. You can’t walk 100m without passing a frozen daiquiri store. The stalls were filled with all your normal market nick nacks, I could only imagine it was much better back in the day before tourism took over, after a while all the stalls become the same. We had lunch at the market before checking out some of the upper scale boutiques back in the French quarters, we even found a store which sold crowns and couldn’t help ourselves and had to try some on, the lady was lovely and encouraged us to try on the biggest ones. It was the best fun ever! We also found many praline stores which had free samples out, I pretty much walked into ever store just for the free samples, it was so yummy! New Orleans is also known for there VooDoo culture so there were lots of VooDoo stores and psychic readings around. With such a long and rich history New Orleans is also known to be a very haunted city.
After we dropped our bags and freshed up we went for a walk down the famous Bourbon street to soak up some of the jazz music. There was lots of construction going on down bourbon street which was a bit annoying but none of the businesses let that stop them or the fun. If you travel to New Orleans by yourself or with another friend like we were I would not recommend staying out after dark around the city, it can get pretty sketchy.
Our next day we had a lovely relaxing morning, with all the traveling catching up on us we needed a sleep in! We slowly got ready before walking down to the warehouse/arts district of New Orleans, its surprising how different a city can feel just by walking a couple of blocks, it had a more modern and artsy feel. Now we were not just wondering aimlessly we were on our way to the WWII Museum which is the number one attraction in New Orleans surprisingly. The Museum was huge with a total of five multi level buildings. You make your way through the museum starting off on a simulated train ride as all soldiers started there journey and you are then allocated a person who you follow through out the museum and learn how their journey through the war went. Included in the museum was a 40min documentary movie voiced by Tom Hanks which was also 4D, along with a simulated submarine mission you have to complete at the end. The museum was amazing and was set up as if you were really walking through all the stages of the war. They also had so many vehicles and planes used in the war which was incredible. We spent so much time there that by the time we got out we were starving and needed lunch.We have become a little bit addicted to sushi over here and so of course couldn’t go past a cute little sushi restaurant just off the main street. As always it was delicious, maybe it wasn’t true southern food but who cares. The rest of our afternoon was spent walking in and out of streets and shops, eating all the free praline samples. It was after the 100th sample I thought it would be a good idea to check out the hotel gym again.
It was suppose to rain that evening but we said our prayers and headed out for dinner anyways, even braved the out door seating at this cute little fresh food restaurant tucked away in the french quarters. The beauty of New Orleans is that one minute you can be sitting having a lovely dinner then the next a marching band and colourful parade decides to come down the street. I swear this place is one of a kind.
Our flight out of New Orleans wasn’t until 7pm so the hotel kindly held our bags after check in whilst we booked a jazz river cruise on the Mississippi river, complete with a southern comfort food lunch buffet. There is nothing worse than a buffet because you can literally go up as many times as you like and no one will stop you! The food was to die for and cruising along the river along with a jazz band was a marvelous way to day goodbye to New Orleans. We also got a little commentary about the history of the town and different things we passed, we also so the impact and destruction of the many hurricanes that hit. I couldn’t even image what it must be like to live in such a hurricane prone area.
After the cruise we still had a couple of hours to kill so of course we picked up a few souvenirs and enjoyed a lovely iced coffee whilst, yes you guessed it, listening to some live jazz music. It is literally every where you can’t escape it! Before we knew it we were off to the airport on to another journey, Nashville, Tennessee! 


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