Welcome to New York 

Stepping on to the streets of New York city is a feeling I have only ever experienced one other time, that was in London. I knew from that moment on I was in for a treat. 

I had two suitcases, one carry on suitcase, my backpack and the lovely sun heating up the city to a toasty 36 degrees, by myself trying to catch an uber to my hotel in the finacial district,yet I wouldn’t have changed one bit. I was right in the middle of time square and what would have been a normal three minute wait for my uber was a fifteen minute wait with the lovely New York traffic. 

Our hotel was located in the financial district just a three minute walk from Wall Street. It’s such a beautiful area, shortly after our perimeter walk and a quick stop for lunch we knew everything we could ever want was just around the corner. Location is such an important aspect when travelling and it can make or break your whole experience in a new place. 

New York was already feeling like home, maybe it was because I was back in a city or maybe it was having Mykayla back to travel with but what ever it was I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

Our first full day in New York we were treated to a walking tour around lower Manhatten that took us in the Subway (which I believe London is way better) and through china town and little Italy. Learning about the history of a place as you walk the exact streets is really eye opening and such an engaging way to learn about the place you’re staying in. After the tour we then made our way to the 9/11 memorial and all the way to the top off the One World observatory. Towering over the city it gives you the best 360deg view of every inch of this magnificent city. Slowly we were beginning to tick off the never ending list of things to do in New York and we we’re already feeling overwhelmed. 

For dinner we decided to slow down a little and went to watch the new movie Dunkirk along with smuggling a while foods salad. The best part were the plush leather reclining seats that felt like we were gold class. Luckily it was an action packed movie so we wouldn’t fall asleep. 

The next day we were up early on the Subway (like the locals we were becoming) making our way to time square where we would begin our guided gossip girl location tour. The TV show that was based in Upper East sidw of New York. We were taken around to all the sites used for filming and the tricks behind the trade to filming in New York. The tour was held on a bus with little stops so you could get out and get a better look and take photos. Despite the luxury of air conditioning I still prefer walking tours. 

After the tour we walked around time square and up and down 5th Avenue. We also made our way to Grand Central Station which absolutely exceed all my expectations. It is absolutely incredible and even has a market and dining area that puts all other stations to shame. 

Walking around New York is such an amazing feeling that every know and then it just hits you that wow we actually made it here but still some how it doesn’t feel real. We still have a couple of days here before we have to head home, that’s if we board the plane. 


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